Managing PR when TP measurements change slightly over time.

Duration of i-response (iDOR).

iDOR is defined as the time from the date of the first response iCR/iPR (whichever is first recorded) to the date of PD (iUPD confirmed as iCPD.  iDOR is only defined for subjects who have best overall response of iCR or iPR.  If a patient has  iPR (#1) followed by a iUPD (#1) which is not

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Assigning response after the appearance of new lesion/s: must the new lesion/s resolve completely before an iPR or iCR can be assigned?

A number of questions have been received regarding the impact of new lesions on subsequent i-response assignment. The key principle is that the ‘new lesion’ may have resulted from immune infiltration rather than tumour growth. Therefore the continued presence of a ‘new lesion’, providing it does not increase further in size (using the 5mm rule),

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