Managing PR when TP measurements change slightly over time.

Duration of i-response (iDOR).

iDOR is defined as the time from the date of the first response iCR/iPR (whichever is first recorded) to the date of PD (iUPD confirmed as iCPD.  iDOR is only defined for subjects who have best overall response of iCR or iPR.  If a patient has  iPR (#1) followed by a iUPD (#1) which is not

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Classification of assessments (Time Point Responses (TPR)) after unconfirmed progression (iUPD) has occurred but was not subsequently confirmed (iCPD), specifically when iPR (partial response) can be assigned.

In the paper and as reproduced below, scenario B shows that the appearance of a new lesion (NL) does not preclude the next assessment (time-point, TP) being iPR (immune partial response, because of further shrinkage of target lesions after the new lesion is recorded), while in scenario D, iUPD (i-unconfirmed progressive disease) occurs at TP3

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