Group: Lymph nodes

Coalesced nodal lesions

When nodal lesions coalesce, forming a conglomerate, a plane between them may be maintained that would aid in obtaining maximal diameter measurements of each individual lesion. If the lesions have truly coalesced such that they are no longer separable, the short axis of the coalesced lesion should be taken into account.

Two target lesions per organ, applied to lymph nodes

Nodes are considered to be one organ. Therefore, at most 2 target nodal-lesions can be selected. If there are multiple chains/regions, consider selecting one from each, with a maximum of two for this organ. Other nodal lesions can be followed as non-target. For hematologic malignancies, modified criteria can be considered in the protocol.

Abnormal lymph node

If an abnormal lymph node (recorded as Target or Non Target) ‘disappears’ (i.e cannot be seen for Non Target nodes or is < 10 mm) but then ‘reappears’ (i.e. visible for Non Target nodes or ≥ 10mm for nodes considered Target lesions at baseline)  is this considered to be continued CR or PD? Nodes require

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