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RECIST calculator

The RECIST committee does not provide a tool for calculating the response categories. Some companies offer calculators. However, it is easy to set up an excel spreadsheet to do these calculations.

Tumor assessment interval

Frequency of tumour re-evaluation while on treatment should be protocol specific and adapted to the type and schedule of treatment. However, in the context of phase II studies where the beneficial effect of therapy is not known, follow-up every 6–8 weeks (timed to coincide with the end of a cycle) is reasonable. Smaller or greater

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Surgery/radiotherapy and RECIST

For most studies using RECIST, surgery or radiotherapy prior to progression would be a major protocol deviation. If this is foreseen as a study procedure (i.e., you know this will happen and are allowing it) then the protocol should explicitly state how this will be handled for the interpretation of response. In principle, these lesions

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